JV-LinkDirectory 4.10.beta2 released!

Today we are glad to release JV-LinkDirectory 4.10.beta2 to Joomla community. JV-LD 4.10 brings in a host of new features which are currently blogging about in our blog section. Please visit our blog often in the next 2-3 days to know what has changed in JV-LD 4.0 @ https://www.jv-extensions.com/blog/tags/tag/jv-linkdirectory-4-10.

We are in the process of testing this more and have also installed the beta in our demo website – http://www.jv-extensions-demo.com. We are also updating our documentation for 4.10 now! Existing JV-LD customers may download the beta from JV-LD downloads area and try the beta in their test sites.

Please do share your feedback on our support forum!