JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 Dev Update – Contact Listing Owner Feature


a1sx2_Thumbnail1_clowner.pngOften your directory visitors will be interested in specific listings in your directory and may want to get in touch with the listing owner for some query. JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 introduces the ability for your site visitors to contact individual listing owners via the directory itself without revealing the contact details of the listing owner! 


When this feature is enabled, every listing will have a new hyperlink by name “Contact Owner” in both category pages and listing detail page. When clicked, a pop up that contains a simple contact form will be shown to the visitor. The visitor may proceed to fill the details which include his name, email and query. When this form is submitted, JV-LinkDirectory will send the query to the listing owner’s email address.

We certainly do not want listing owners to be spammed with such emails. So we have implemented a permission based contact system. This means that the link owner must have agreed to be contacted by your site visitors, when he added/adds the link. The link owner can change his preference to be contacted by visiting the link edit screen in site front-end. The “Contact Owner” hyperlink will not be shown for a listing, if the listing owner had not opted to be contacted.


We expect this feature to drive in more leads and contacts for your listing owners via their listings from your directory. So we thought…….why not monetize with this option as well. As you are already aware, you can create multiple listing types/plans for one-way links. You can combine these two features and make money!. As an example you can create a free listing which does not allow listing owners to be contacted by visitors and create another paid listing type which allows contact. Businesses  who add their links may be interested in signing up for the paid listing type as your directory will generate leads for them.


Not just that….JV-LinkDirectory provides even greater control on this communication between your site visitor and listing owner. There is an option for JV-LD site admin to decide if messages sent by visitors are moderated before they can be sent to the listing owner. When this option is chosen, all contact messages written by site visitors for listing owners will be shown to you in “Contact Messages” tab in JV-LD backend where you can moderate and take action on. Action can be to either send the message to the listing owner or just discard the message. This also helps you prevent spam from being sent to your listing owners thus enhancing your directory reputation.

Hope you like this new feature.
More to come in in the next blog post. Waiting for your comments…