JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 Dev Update – Listing Types/Plans for One-way Links

Listing Types Definition

One of the major features to be introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 is “Multiple Listing Types/Plans for One-way Links”. Prior to 4.10, administrators of JV-LinkDirectory could still create multiple free or paid plans, but all of them would give the same set of privileges to the buyers. In JV-LinkDirectory 4.10, we have come up with a new feature by which administrators can decide exclusive privileges to be associated with each plan. 

Following are the individual privileges that can be defined for each plan/listing type:

  • Maximum of photos that can be uploaded
  • Maximum of YouTube videos that can be uploaded
  • Maximum number of secondary categories
  • Allow logo upload (partner link icon)
  • Ability to let the owner be contacted via “Contact Owner” link in site front-end by site visitors

Thus as an admin, you can define multiple plans with each plan differing from each other in terms of number of photos that can be uploaded, or videos or icons etc….

Listing Types Definition

When a user adds his link in front-end, he will be shown all the available plans/listing types along with the privileges, from which he can select the plan. This should open up an entirely new dimension of promoting one-way links in your directory

Additionally we have also enabled the option to define unlimited duration for plans as well!

Hope you like the new feature. Looking forward to your comments…