JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 Dev Update – New Extra Fields Types and Modules


There are several changes being introduced in JV-LD 4.10 about which we have been blogging for a while now. These include Joomla editor for text profiles, new extra fields types – Text Editor (HTML), new compact search modules and performance improvements. Here is some detailed info for you about the changes…

Joomla Editor for Text Profiles: With JV-LD 4.10, we have introduced an option for admin to choose between using a simple text area (as in earlier versions of JV-LD) or use a Joomla editor for adding and updating text profiles in site frontend. Using the Joomla Editor enables your users to provide HTML content along with embedding images and links inside description text. We have made it an option as some admins may still want to use the “Simple Text Area” that does not allow HTML. JV-LD administrators can make this selection from “Advanced Configuration” setting in JV-LD settings screen.

New Extra Field Type: Text Editor – HTML: On the same lines as joomla editor for text profiles, we have also introduced a new extra field type which is “Text Editor – HTML”. When a field of this type is created, the users will be provided with a Joomla Text Editor that they can use to provide information for the field. Using the Joomla Editor enables your users to provide HTML content along with embedding images and links in the extra field.

New Extra Field Types: With JV-LD 4.10 comes additional new field types – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and RSS feed urls. You can add a field of any of these types and the users will be asked to provide the respective urls of their business while adding link. Once given the values will be displayed in category listing and link detail pages with specific social media icons. This will let users of your site to visit the respective social media urls provided as input.

b2ap3_thumbnail_compact_search.pngNew Compact Search Module: JV-LD 4.10 comes with a new type of module that can be used to display a compact search form. You may place this search module anywhere on your Joomla website and enable users to search inside your directory. It also has a link to directory advanced search.

New Compact Add Link Module: Yet another module type has been introduced in JV-LD 4.0 which again can be placed anywhere on your Joomla website to let users start adding their link to your directory. This allows users to provide their website url in this module and will be directly taken to the add link screen subsequently. 

Option to edit extra field in front-end: We have introduced a new option in extra fields section with which you can decide, if you want to allow owners of the links to edit values given to extra fields. This is particularly useful in situations when you do not want owners of links to extra fields values once it is provided at the time of adding link, or if you set the values via backend.

Performance Improvements: We have modified the design logic of JV-LinkDirectory to cater to big directories that contains  several thousands of categories. This is an improvisation of the existing design that could cater to about 60K-70K categories already. We have also removed the option to “show links of displayed category and all it’s sub categories” in JV-LD 4.10. With the design changes, we have observed a whooping 80% improvement in loading times of big directories!

Hope you like the changes being introduced.
More information to come and waiting for your comments!….