JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 Dev Update – SMS Notification to Administrators

Here is yet another interesting update on what is coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 4.10. A significant integration that we are bringing into JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 is the ability to send SMS notifications to mobiles of administrator whenever certain events occur in the directory. This is possible with the integration of JV-LinkDirectory with Clickatell. 

Bulk SMS Gateway – Send SMS’s from your PC; easy integration! via Clickatell, the world’s leading SMS messaging provider offering simple and reliable SMS gateway connectivity to 819 networks in 222 countries.

JV-LinkDirectory uses the Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway to send SMS to administrator mobile phone. All that you need is to create a clickatell account, create a HTTP API config and configure the settings along with your phone number to which sms need to be sent in JV-LinkDirectory admin panel.


The notification types for which sms will be sent are:

  • When new link is added/published via site front-end 
  • When link is pending approval
  • When new review is added/published via site front-end 
  • When review is pending approval
  • Whenever a purchase happens. This could be a category sponsorship or one way paid listing or featured link or advertising purchase

It doesn’t where you are.. you can now be notified by sms when events occur in your directory straight on your mobile phone!