JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 released

We at JV-Extensions are glad to announce the release of Stable version of JV-LinkDirectory 4.10 at jv-extensions.com. Customers may now upgrade to this version and enjoy the new features introduced in this version. If you encounter issues, please post them in the support forum for help.

Some of the significant features introduced in this version include:

  • Multiple listing types/plans for one-way listings
  • Comprehensive coupon code system
  • Disqus comment integration
  • Ability to contact listing owner of links from site front-end.
  • Send SMS notifications to listing owners upon occurrence of pre-defined events in the directory.
  • Joomla Editor for Text Profiles:
  • New Extra Field Type: Text Editor – HTML
  • New Extra Field Types – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and RSS feed urls
  • New Compact Search Module
  • New Compact Add Link Module
  • Option to edit extra field in front-end
  • Performance Improvements

and more… You may get detailed information about each of the changes by visiting https://www.jv-extensions.com/blog/tags/tag/jv-linkdirectory-4-10. We are currently updating the product documentation for this version and it should be ready in another couple of days.