JV-LinkDirectory 4.6 Feature Discussions

As already indicated, JV-LD 4.6 development has already started at JV-Extensions and we will be sharing all interesting news about it in this blog.

A high level overview of what JV-LD 4.6 will bring to you is listed below. More changes and features will be added in addition to this, and we will post them in this blog post.

  • JV-LD 4.6 will be for Joomla 1.5 and will not be compatible with Joomla 1.6
  • Advanced JV-LD integration with JomSocial
  • Advanced JV-LD integration with Community Builder

We request all our customers to pitch in and let us know what you want in 4.6! We will try our best to incorporate your suggestions, considering the timeline and feasibility of this release.


Add and update category screens in backend, have been completely redesigned and will look as follows in JV-LD 4.6.



Few more minor features being added in JV-LD 4.6 are:

  • Append … after subcategories to indicate that more sub-categories exists in directory home page
  • CSS styling for “Read more” link in link listings
  • Allow HTML for category descriptions
  • Ability to configure custom registration url
  • New option to choose between sandbox and production for Paypal for customer testing
  • Option to show category images only in listing and not in pages
  • Ability to take the directory offline
  • Prevent spam in review posting
  • Links and Extra Fields Synchronization Utility
  • Anti spam checks for link reviews


Add one-way link and two-way link screens in backend have got a makeover. Sample two-way link screen will look like:



  • Advanced SEO enhancments to restrict search engine crawling to specific areas of the directory, which will provide SEO value
  • Prevent votes from being registered by search engines
  • Prevent increment of page view count, when link detail pages are crawled by spiders


  • A significant update in this version is the ability of caching thumbnails from shrinktheweb.com. This will enable you to use free services at STW and still display a very large number of thumbnails in your JV-LD directory. This will also decrease the page loading duration
  • Ability to edit notification preferences for customers (vote, bookmark, review and statistics), in link edit screen in backend


  • Two significant features being introduced in JV-LD 4.6 are:

    • Following new options for displaying profiles in link detail page:

      • Show any one text profile randomly
      • Show any one banner profile randomly
      • Show all text and banner profiles
    • Ability to show or hide extra fields names and values in link listing pages (in categories)


  • We are improving the performance of JV-LD in lots and lots of ways in JV-LD 4.6. We are working on refining queries, such that, they are more efficient, and much lesser in number.
  • We are also moving from the existing design of adjacency list model to a customized combination of path enumeration and adjacency list model. This is helping us in improving the performance to a very great extent.
  • With JV-LD 4.6, you will observe extraordinary reduction in number of queries that will be executed and also tremendous improvement in load time of directory pages!!!

Updates on JomSocial Integration:

We are integrating JV-LD with JomSocial in more advanced ways in 4.6 version. Some of the screenshots for admin backend for this integration are: