JV-LinkDirectory 4.8: Calling for Beta Testers

For those who have been following our blog closely on the JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 updates, here is some more good news for you – We have successfully integrated quite a few new features and several bug fixes into JV-LD 4.8 now. Alpha testing is in progress and is almost 75% complete. We are gearing up for the release of the first beta of JV-LD 4.8 around the 20th of this month to our customer community.

JV-LD 4.8 will be the last minor release of the software in 2011, barring one or two probable build releases by the end of this year. JV-LD 4.8 will be a major milestone in JV-LinkDirectory software, as it will introduce the ability to add entries that do not have a website URL to them. This has been a long pending feature request and we are glad that, we could finally get it into the core of the software. We will be posting another blog post, on how this will work in the near future.

As always, our beta is restricted to the closed group of existing customers of JV-LD. The beta downloads will be available in the “Downloads” area of this website, but tagged under “Beta Version” with restricted access. Those who wish to participate in the beta testing must inform us before hand, by replying to this blog post, so that we can add you to the Beta testing group for JV-LD 4.8. Only these users will have access to the beta downloads.

All existing customers are welcome to participate in the beta testing and provide feedback to us. We will be providing a free 3 month extension of your purchase as an appreciation and thanks to all beta testers. We expect to run the beta testing phase for a couple of weeks for now!

We plan to throw a couple of new surprises during the beta testing as well. So do follow this blog closely for further news!