JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: Advanced Search Utility

We are now gearing up for the final beta release and also the release candidate of JV-LD 4.8. This beta contains the last of the changes or minor enhancements for JV-LD 4.8. Several bugs of the second beta version will be fixed in this version.

We are also introducing one major design change in this RC. The way extra fields information is stored in JV-LD has been changed. Instead of using a separate jos_jvse_linkfields table, they will now be moved to links table itself, to facilitate faster fetching, loading and advanced searching. All existing extra field information will be moved to the new format as a part of the upgrade process in JV-LD.

A new search functionality will be introduced in the RC – An advanced search which will enable searching inside extra fields information, title, description, keywords etc… has been implemented and is under testing now. It will look as follows:

We plan to release JV-LD 4.8 RC1 by this weekend