JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: Database Level Changes

We are quite excited about the upcoming version JV-LinkDirectory 4.8. With JV-LD 4.8, we are making sweeping changes into the database level formats, to improve performance and error handling.

MyISAM to InnoDB:

JV-LD has been using MyISAM as the primary MySQL engine type in all the versions till now. We are making a conscious shift to InnoDB engine type with JV-LD 4.8. InnoDB is one of the several engine types that MySQL provides and is a very powerful, performance oriented engine. InnoDB provides transactional (OLTP – Online Transaction Processing) capabilities, that enable integrity of transactions to be maintained.

With InnoDB, JV-LD will now use several foreign keys with in the tables, which maintain relationships between tables in a more efficient way and speed up the execution. InnoDB is also the preferred engine, as your directory grows, as it gives you better locking mechanisms unlike MyISAM which does row level locking only.

InnoDB is a largely ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) engine, built to guarantee consistency and durability. It does this through a transaction log (with the option of a two-phase commit if you have the binary log enabled), a double-write buffer and automatic checksumming and checksum validation of database pages. These safety measures not only prevent corruption on "hard" shutdowns, but can even detect hardware failure (such as memory failure/corruption) and prevent damage to your data

Now the best part of this move, is that you dont need to do anything for this migration. JV-LD upgrade procedure will automatically handle the conversion of engine types during upgrades and during fresh installation.

As always, we are waiting to hear what you think about this, from you. Please feel free to comment and watch out for further blog updates on other development changes in JV-LinkDirectory 4.8