JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: Generate Revenue using Directory Advertising

JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 is in the making now and one of the most critical features that we are introducing is Directory Advertising. JV-LD already has an advertising configuration, but is quite limited in functionality today. Currently it lets you add only 2 advertisements above and below the main content in the directory and it does not generate revenue as well for you.

With JV-LD 4.8, we are discarding the existing configuration for advertising, and are coming up with an entirely new concept and design for advertising. Directory advertising will be a very powerful feature in JV-LD and will serve as the single most flexible and revenue generation utility.

So why will it be so powerful? Here are some of the reasons….

Advertise via site front-end – You will be able to advertise in our directory via your site front-end. There will be a new menu link – “Advertise” which your customers can click and look at several advertising options and plans!

Define Advertisement Specifications – Advertisement Specification defines the characteristics of an advertisement. It is like a blue print for advertisements. You can define unlimited advertisement specifications in JV-LD. You will be able to define maximum number of characters of text ad, allowed banner dimensions for banner ad, maximum number of impressions of ad and all locations where the ad will be displayed in a specification.

Unlimited Advertising Plans – As an administrator, when you define an advertisement specification, you will also be able to set multiple pricing plans for ads of that specification. You can define subscription types or one time payment types options too.

Paypal Integration – When a customer chooses to advertise in your directory, he will select the specification that he is interested in, select the payment plan and will then proceed to Paypal to complete the payment. JV-LD payment plugin will handle the payment IPN (payment processing notification) and will alert the customer about next steps. This process is tightly integrated into JV-LD and will provide an enhanced purchase experience.

Add advertisement anywhere – You can add your advertisement practically anywhere in the directory. Each specification defines a CODE that you need to insert into your JV-LD templates. Once a customer purchases an ad, his ad HTML will be placed in all those locations where the advertisement specification CODE appears in JV-LD templates.

Ads can be HTML/Flash – The advertisement html is loaded onto to the directory locations after approval by administrator. The customer will provide the html code for his advertisement and you can just update the advertisement with the given html.

Track Ad Impressions – Each view/display of the ad in site frontend will be tracked by JV-LD. You can even set a maximum number of impressions to the ad via its specification!. If you do so, then the ad will be expired, once its maximum number of impressions is reached! This in effect lets you do a CPM based advertising in your directory!

Track Ads by Date – When your customer purchases an advertisement, the expiration date for the ad will be set automatically by JV-LD, based on the duration of purchase. JV-LD will track this duration and will auto expire the ad, when that date occurs.

Administrator only Ads – You can also define certain advertisement specifications such that, it is not shown to customers for purchase. You can use such ad specifications for adding your own affiliate banners, advertisements and partner banners!

PreDefined Advertisement specifications – JV-LD 4.8 will have predefined advertisements defined for you!. These will be strategic locations that we feel will give your ads maximum visibility. You may either use these specifications or define new ones on your own.

Hope you like this feature….
We are waiting to hear from you on this feature. Please feel free to add your comments.