JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: JV-LD – AlphaUserPoints Integration

Encouraging site visitors and members to add links, exchange links and be active in the directory is one essential aspect of running a directory. Getting them to bookmark links, recommend websites, exchange links, add links etc… increases user participation in your directory and enhances your site directory popularity as well. Now JV-LD 4.8 will introduce a way to achieve this.

With JV-LD 4.8 onwards, you can award points to users when they perform the following actions in your directory:

  • Add a link
  • Exchange link with you
  • Bookmark a link
  • Recommend a website
  • Add a review for a website

This will be possible, due to the integration that JV-LD 4.8 will provide with AlphaUserPoints Joomla! extension. With AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove points to registered users according to some of its actions and activities on your website.

The integration lets you configure the number of points that you want to award for each action. JV-LD 4.8 will introduce a new plugin and a set of rule files as a part of this integration to get this nice little feature for your directory

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