JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: Related Joomla! Articles

It has been just a day, since we blogged about the database changes in JV-LD 4.8 and we are here again, to share with our community, yet another feature that you will love. The feature is called "Related Joomla! Articles in JV-LinkDirectory" and provides a way to integrate Joomla! article manager with JV-LinkDirectory.

For a long time, we have been wanting to display article previews to site visitors in the directory, in addition to listing information. One way is to provide users the ability to upload articles, save them to JV-LD categories and display them. But this is unwarranted, as Joomla! does a much better job of this functionality. Hence we decided to leverage this power and have come up with an integration that will enable Joomla! articles previews to be displayed in JV-LD category listing and link detail pages.

There has to be some correlation between articles that are shown and the category/ink detail pages that show them. They need to be related, lest it makes little sense in attracting site visitors to view it. Hence, the articles that will be shown, are selected based on matches of keywords of the articles in Joomla! and the keywords of JV-LD categories and JV-LD links. So for this feature to work with full benefit, it is important that keywords are properly defined for all Joomla! articles, JV-LD categories and links. And this adds to your site SEO as well.

A new set of options will be added to JV-LD configuration, where you can define the number of article previews shown, number of characters of title, number of characters of description and if you want to integrate the display with link detail pages, category listing pages or both.

As always, we are waiting to hear from you, on this blog post. Feel free to comment and watch out for more blog updates on JV-LinkDirectory 4.8

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