JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Dev Update: Usability Enhancements

A couple of usability enhancements to the existing features will be introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 4.8. “Claim a Link” and “Add to Featured Listing” have been made simpler and easier for users. Users will now be able to claim a link without going through the hassle of uploading a file to their website, to prove their ownership of the link. Users will also be able to identify the links to add to featured listing faster!

Claim a Link: With URL-less entries being introduced in this version, it is essential that, claim a link is independent of the link url itself!. The existing process of file uploading to establish ownership, will be replaced with a much simpler “Email verification” method. Registered users who wish to claim a link, will click on “Claim a Link” icon/link of an entry. JV-LD will then send an email, to the email address already associated with the link. The email will contain a verification key that the user must read and provide in the next step in “Claim a link” to verify that he was the one who added the link in the first place. Once verified, he will become the owner of that entry/link.

This method is much simpler and avoids new file creation and FTP login as before. And they are powered by AJAX as well, which means that, after the user gets the verification email, the page automatically loads the next screen without a full page refresh! This will also encourage users to claim their links faster!.

Featured Link: When a user clicks on “Add your link to Featured Listing”, he will be shown 2 options, side by side. In the first option, he will be shown the list of entries that he already owns. The second option will show him a search box with a button. He can search for specific keywords and JV-LD will show him the results instantly using AJAX. He may then click on either his link in the first option or any link in the search results of the second option. He will then be taken to the payment area for further processing (assuming you have configured a fee for featured links).

In this method, everything happens in just one screen. This is really fast and ensures that the user identifies the link to add to featured listing all in a flash.

Hope you like these enhancements. Feel free to comment on this blog post and let us know what you feel.:)