JV-LinkDirectory 5.0 – Calling volunteers for beta testing

Today we are starting a series of blog posts aiming at at-least one per week to highlight the development updates on JV-LinkDirectory 5.0. The most important change in JV-LD 5.0 will be the compatibility with Joomla 3.0 natively. We are rewriting the product from scratch with new user interfaces using Twitter bootstrap which will certainly provide a refreshing experience for users. We will share screenshots of the frontend and backend interfaces asap.

Though delayed, we are now targetting the launch of first beta of JV-LD 5.0 by the 15th of July and are trying extremely hard to meet the deadline. Simply put there are hundreds of options, huge set of style files, add on extensions, modules and component that are being rewritten.

One significant change in the design of JV-LD 5.0 is that we are moving the categories from JV-LD’s own jos_jvse_categories table to Joomla’s native jos_categories table. This should give more flexibility in reusing Joomla’s interface for categories and create some uniformity in the way things are handled.

Another significant change is the renaming of the component code from com_jvse to com_jvld which was due for a long time now. Database tables used by JV-LD will start with jos_jvld instead of jos_jvse from now on. This should remove any confusion in identifying the component and creates some uniformity.

As planned, we should be starting the beta testing from the 15th of July for which we are inviting interested people to join and help us. We have released the beta version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.0 on 21st July and  are inviting interested people to join and help us. 

We anticipate at-least 3 to 4 betas with in a spawn of a 3-4 weeks. Customers who join and provide beta feedback will get a free 3 month extension of their current subscription. Note that beta releases are not meant for production/live websites.

We request those who wish to join the beta program to make the request as a comment to this blog post so that we can add them to the beta group and notify them about beta start, schedules, bug fixes and news.

Those who are already a part of the beta group may get the latest beta related news, share feedback and track the progress at the beta feedback forum

Updated on 15th September 2013:

We are closing the beta testing as we are planning to release JV-LinkDirectory 5.0 for Joomla 3.0 today. We wish to thank all our customers who have helped us with beta testing and valuable feedback. As promised we will be adding 3 months of subscription to all those customers who provided beta feedback in the next 3 to 4 days.

We will be updating the product documentation in the coming days and it might take a week or two to have the documentation reflect 5.0 changes. Request your patience till then.

As always, we have a surprise for you in the final version of JV-LD 5.0. Want to check it out? Visit our brand new demo site @ http://demo30.jv-extensions-demo.com and check it out for yourself! Do let us know your feedback….

Updated on 17th September 2013:

This is to announce that JV-LD 5.0 is now available for download to all JV-LD customers.