JV-LinkDirectory 5.1.0 Released

new version

new versionWe are super delighted to announce the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.1.0 today the 27th of March 2014. JV-LinkDirectory 5.1 brings in exciting new features and is also bundled with numerous bug fixes and admin and visitor experience enhancing changes.

Following are the significant features and changes introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 5.1.0:

  1. EasySocial Integration for JV-LD.
  2. One way link plans enhancement – Introducing concept of fallback plan for links after link expiry, decide on what happens to link after it expires, ability to select a default plan via backend for links.
  3. Option to show or hide home page banner.
  4. Add link form redesign in frontend.
  5. New Module to show keywords of links.
  6. Ability to store and show links in multiple languages.
  7. Store website recommendations in db. Admin can now view the recommendations from JV-LD backend.
  8. Ability to select one way link plan while adding link via backend.
  9. Module class suffixes for modules.
  10. New currencies added for support in JV-LD PayPal plugin.
  11. Installation and un-installation simplified to a great extent.
  12. Alert the user if he has enabled 1-way plan but not created a plan in backend.
  13. New option to capture html meta title instead of using page title.
  14. Major database refactoring.
  15. Ability to show number of links, category image and description in alphabar browse page for categories.
  16. Enhancement of Task Manager and Cron Jobs.
  17. Template for monthly email for sending link statistics to link owners.
  18. New configuration section for Mass Email Manager to manage throttling frequency and duration.
  19. Option to delete all emails in mass email manager.
  20. Show name of the link plan chosen in add link form
  21. Add description to category importer
  22. Move configuration slider to top in backend to save space and better usability
  23. Admin only one-way plans
  24. Deprecate snap.com option
  25. Provide a button or link to go to dashboard after upgrade/installation

We ran a comprehensive beta testing with 2 phases and had generous volunteering from our existing customers during the beta phases. We really appreciate and thank our customers who helped us out during the beta phase in making JV-LD 5.1.0 a delight for all.

Customers can now download JV-LD 5.1.0 from the “My Account – My Downloads” menu and upgrade to JV-LD 5.1.0. We are in the process of updating the documentation for JV-LD 5.1 and may take a week to complete the edits. We request customers to bear with us till then.

Hope you like the new features introduced in JV-LD 5.1.0.