JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 Release and Preview of Additional Features

Coupon reuse per user

Here I am back again to share some more exciting news about JV-LinkDirectory 5.11. Thanks to the continued effort from our beta testers, we could successfully fix all the beta bugs and will be releasing JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 tomorrow (October 11th 2017). In addition to fixing the reported bugs, we have also added new features and enhancements in this beta version. This would be a feature complete beta version, and any more beta versions if required will be incremental bug fix versions only for JV-LinkDirectory 5.11.

As explained in the other blog post, those who have volunteered for beta testing can download the beta version now and get started. Those who have missed the first update of description, screenshots, and videos on new features added in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, please read the blog post – “BETA RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT AND SNEAK PREVIEW OF FEATURES IN JV-LINKDIRECTORY 5.11“. Though usually our beta versions are stable enough, we still urge you to not use it on your live sites. We request you to post your feedback in the Beta Support Forums.

Read more to know about the new features available for testing in 5.11 Beta-2 version. We have included screenshots and videos of the new features and changes introduced in 5.11 Beta-2 in this blog post….

Restrict a user from using a coupon repeatedly:

This has been one of the requests from one of our customers which we have implemented. In short, we have introduced a new configuration option while adding or editing a coupon. With this option, you can set a maximum number of times a logged in user can use a coupon. This is on per user basis. You can set this to 0 if you want to let the user use the coupon only once, and never again.

Coupon reuse per user


Show Sub-categories in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation:

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 in default style, you can now show sub categories in home page and all category pages in horizontal or vertical layout. Horizontal orientation was the default option till now, and we have now added a new configuration option in default style configuration section where you can choose between Horizontal and Vertical orientation. Vertical orientation is the new feature where all the sub-categories will be listed one below the other with a folder icon preceding them. See image below:

Horizontal Orientation:

horizontal orientation


Vertical Orientation:

vertical orientation


Add YouTube Video with Video ID or Video URL:

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, you can now add a YouTube Video by providing it’s URL or ID. Although this is a very small change, it is a very customer experience centric one. One of the frequently encountered support issues is of users complaining that their YouTube videos are showing error while attempting to play them. This is primarily due to the fact that they had provided the URL instead of Video ID while adding the video. With this change in JV-LinkDIrectory 5.11, this experience will be much smoother as URL is also an acceptable value while adding a video via frontend or backend.

Customer Usage Experience Enhancements for Photos, Videos and Rating for Default Style:

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, we have now enhanced the end user experience of watching photos and videos, and rating listings. Photo displays will have refreshing transitions with gallery, slideshow and full screen view too. YouTube video player will be larger with great transition effects. Rating a listing will also show the rating popup which will be centered on the screen with standardized display. These are responsive as before and work great on different device widths. See videos below for the new experience!







End User Experience Enhancements to Listing Actions and Alphabar for Default Style:

We have done some great improvements to customer experience in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 default style when it comes to performing actions on listings. These include the following actions on listings in detail and category pages in directory frontend:

  1. Delete bookmark
  2. Add bookmark
  3. Tell a friend
  4. Report broken link
  5. Claim link
  6. Contact listing owner

In versions before JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, visitors to the directory were taken to new screens whenever they wanted to perform the above functions for a listing. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, we decided to make this much simpler and easier for visitors, by retaining them in the same screen but still be able to perform all these operations. Clicking on any of these options from category pages or the respective menu options in the detail pages will open a popup or modal window where they can complete their operations.

Similiarly, we have also changed the experience of using the ALPHABAR (alphabets in home screen of directory) in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 for the default style. Clicking on any of the alphabets will open a modal popup with the categories data. There is no need for the visitor to be taken to a different screen.

We expect this to be a great enhancement and will certainly make the directory a great and easy one for your visitors to interact with. See video below to view how these work:


Minimum Joomla Requirement Revised:

With new changes in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11, the minimum version of Joomla! that you will require to run JV-LinkDirectory is changed from Joomla 3.4 to Joomla 3.7.0. So please make sure that you are using atleast Joomla 3.7.0, or even better the latest Joomla version.

That ends the feature list for JV-LinkDirectory 5.11. Hope you like the changes and new features introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11. If you are interested in participating in beta testing, please reach out to us via the blog post @ CALLING VOLUNTEERS FOR JV-LINKDIRECTORY 5.11 BETA TESTING. If you are already a beta tester, then please speed up your testing efforts and file as much feedback as possible by October 15th 2017

Looking forward to your reactions on the features……