JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Released!

new version jvld511

new version jvld511

We are pleased to let you know that we launched JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 a couple of days back. JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 brings exciting new usability features for Joomla directory. Please note that JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 requires Joomla 3.7 at-least to work on. Keep reading to know the features introduced…..

New features include:

  1. Drag and Drop Photos for Listings and Re-order them in Backend
  2. Simplified Management and Re-order YouTube videos for Listings in Backend
  3. New features and Enhancements to Profiles for Listings in Backend
    1. Max Profiles in Plan
    2. No more Text and Banner Type of Profiles for listings
  4. Drag and Drop Files for Listings and Re-order them in Backend
  5. Manage Listing from List View in Frontend
  6. New Configuration for Time Extra Field
  7. Enhanced Navigation Help and Layout in Add Listing Form in Frontend
  8. Restrict a user from using a coupon repeatedly


    Show Sub-categories in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

  10. Add YouTube Video with Video ID or Video URL

  11. Customer Usage Experience Enhancements for Photos, Videos and Rating
  12. End User Experience Enhancements to Listing Actions and Alphabar for Default Style


    Compact Add Link Form enhancements

  14. Ability to restore backup using ‘Import JV-LD Data” utility
  15. FALANG elements for JV-LinkDirectory data
  16. Show photo and video titles beneath the respective resources in detail page.
  17. New icons introduced for categories and sub categories installed using ‘Sample Data Installation’
  18. Minimum Joomla Requirement Revised to 3.7.0

You can see a fresh set of icons when you do a sample data installation too!. Hope you like the new version.

We also would like to thank all the beta users who provided their valuable feedback to help us improve the product in beta phase. We will very soon be emailing them the 40% discount coupon code which they can use anytime in the future.