JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Back Link Check as an option in Link Plan!

2018 03 03 11 16 52

In JV-LinkDirectory, there are 2 types of listings that can be added viz. One way links and Two way links. Two way links are those which have a back link from the partner’s site to your site. They are also called reciprocal links. Such links can be added to your directory only after the submitter adds your link at their site first.

Till date, one way links and two way links were considered as 2 different types of listings. There were separate configuration options for each of them. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, we are merging them together by making “back link check” as an additional option in listing or link plan, instead of having it as a separate type of link. There are numerous usability benefits due to this.

While creating a listing plan, you can typically configure the number of photos, videos, files etc… With JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, you can additionally select if back link will be required as well while creating the plan. If you set it to No, then it will be a one-way link. There is no need to configure separate loads of options for two way links. As admin, when adding a two-way link you just need to select the plan that has back link check enabled and proceed to add the listing. This will typically make it a reciprocal link. See image below:

2018 03 03 11 16 52

Similarly when someone wants to add their listing to your directory from frontend, they can choose a plan which has “Require Back Link” set to Yes or No (assuming you have defined such link plans). If they choose a plan that has “Require Back Link” set to “Yes”, then they need to create a reciprocal link to your site before they can add their listing to your directory. See image below:

2018 03 03 11 22 15


As admin, you can also configure the following parameters as a part of Back Link Options for a link plan:
1. “Allow rel=nofollow in Backlink” – If set to Yes, then the reciprocal link pointing back to your site can have rel=nofollow in the a href tag. If not, back link check will fail due to this reason.
2. “Self Profile Display Mode” – This option is applicable only when you have chosen Yes for ‘Require Backlink’ option in the listing plan. When someone adds their listing in frontend, they will be presented with your website profile. If you have multiple self profiles defined for your website, then you can let JV-LD pick a profile randomly from the lot or you can display all the profiles and let your partner decide which one he wants to select and add to his website.

See image below:

2018 03 03 11 17 55

With these changes, you can now have more than 1 plan that has “Require Back Link” set to Yes, unlike before when “Exchange” was the default plan added to the front-end when two way links feature was enabled. These changes also allows you to charge a fee if want for a reciprocal link based on the link plan configuration!

Hope you like these usability enhancements in your directory! Do comment and let us know what you think 🙂