JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Configuration Design change, Full Text Search and more

Here are a few more changes coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. Significant ones include a refreshed back-end configuration interface for JV-LinkDirectory which will be much easier to use, implementation of Full text search indexing for searches in the directory, new menu item option and more…. Read on to know more about these interesting changes!

Back-end Configuration Made Easier:

Based on customer feedback, we have re-designed the JV-LinkDirectory back-end configuration options to a much easier and traceable interface.

1. Earlier we used to have the configuration drop-down menus at the top. With 5.12 version, we have moved it to the left in the menu highlighting the current configuration sub menu item that the admin is in.

2. We have also re-grouped the configuration sub sections for easy identification. So you will find listing related options in “Listing Features” section, common directory related options in “Directory Features” section, all front-end display options in “Front-end Display Settings” etc…

3. We have also provided explanation for every option beneath the field input for that option. For display options, we have included screenshots of the pages or blocks that you are configuring for better visualization.

4. The configuration section will also be responsive and will automatically adjust to the width of the device being viewed from! We hope this will it make the job of administrator easier to configure JV-LinkDirectory!

Full Text Search in Directory:

One of the biggest changes being introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is the ability to do a full text search by words instead of a contained search. This will require MySQL 5.6 or above to be used on your server. This design provides a much faster search when you have hundreds or thousands of listings in your directory. We have introduced Full text search across all search interfaces like the directory search page, Joomla search plugin for JV-LinkDirectory, home page search in directory, related articles search and related listings search. The search operation will be more appropriate and efficient with this re-design.

Couple of other significant improvements made include:

1. New Option to show or hide toolbar in category pages.

2. New option to create a menu item using tag to show related items for that tag. This can be used to create a menu for a page to show all listings associated with a specific tag.

We are eager to know what you think about this change. Do let us know with your comments. If you are an existing customer of JV-LinkDirectory and want to participate in the beta testing of 5.12 version, then you may please indicate so @ Blog