JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Enhancements to Language Translations

The next major set of changes that we would like to share about JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a very interesting one, and is related to Languages and Translations. These changes are intended to make it very easy to use JV-LinkDirectory on multi-lingual sites or when you want to translate JV-LinkDirectory to other languages.

One Single Language File for Front-end:

Typically there are 2 dozen modules, a handful of plugins, and component that produce output for JV-LinkDirectory directory in site front-end. In 5.12 version, we have merged language strings from all these language files into the component language file. – en-GB.com_jvld.ini . This file contains the strings that are rendered from all places in the directory, be it the modules, plugins, apps or component. This enables easy translations for customers and saves time. Previously there used to be at-least 10+ language files that a customer had to translate before they could use them for their language. With this change, you only need to translate one file! Isn’t more customer friendly?

Machine Translations for Front-end:

In addition to merging multiple language files into 1 file, we are also translating that single file for you into 16 different languages! On top of it, the translated files for all languages will be installed automatically when you install JV-LinkDirectory on your site. So if you are planning to use JV-LinkDirectory in any of the 16 languages, then you dont need to do anything other than installing JV-LinkDirectory. You can see the directory front-end showing up strings in your language automatically. The translated files provided are machine translated using Microsoft Azure Translation API and are of good quality by default. But as always if you wish to change texts in your languages you can do too! by creating a copy of it.

Following are the languages for which translation files will be provided:

  1. Danish
  2. Dutch
  3. Czech
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Greek
  7. Hindi
  8. Hungarian
  9. Italian
  10. Japanese
  11. Polish
  12. Portuguese
  13. Romanian
  14. Russian
  15. Spanish
  16. Swedish

Want to include more languages? Let us know and we will try to provide one asap!

We are eager to know what you think about this change. Do let us know with your comments. If you are an existing customer of JV-LinkDirectory and want to participate in the beta testing of 5.12 version, then you may please indicate so @ Blog