JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 General Availability Released!

We are super happy to announce the release of the General Availability release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.  JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a feature and customer usability enhancement release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes.

Release Maturity
Joomla Version
Joomla 3.7+
Release Notes
  1. One Single Language File for Front-end
  2. Machine Translations for Front-end
  3. Back-end Configuration Made Easier
  4. Full Text Search in Directory
  5. New Option to show or hide toolbar in category pages
  6. New option to create a menu item using tag to show related items for that tag
  7. Upgraded Thumbalizr integration to the new v1 API of Thumbalizr
  8. New “No Community” option in Community integration
  9. Ability to edit files for listings in back-end in 5.12 version
  10. Upgraded bit.ly integration to use the bit.ly API as recommended by bit.ly
  11. Moved the sidebar that appears in add listing form to above the form to get some real estate for the form fields and make it more responsive.
  12. Enhanced the module display too and introduced pagination with which you can see n links in each page.
  13. New module to show map of all listings and search filters
  14. New toolbar in category pages to search and filter listings, also show a listing on map
  15. No more styles in JV-LinkDirectory. All styles are merged into one.
  16. 2CO Plugin is bundled with JV-LinkDirectory. No need to purchase this plugin separately.
  17. Beautiful and fresh search page for JV-LinkDirectory
  18. Styles manager replaced with Global Layout Manager
  19. New 30+ slots at strategic places in the directory where you or your site visitors may want to place the advertisements for maximum visibility.
  20. Backlink checks and two way options are now a part of listing plan
  21. 25+ extra fields types added to JV-LinkDirectory
  22. Integration with JLex Comment and latest version of JLex Review
 Please visit our blog for more details.

Download the release now!