JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – New Tool bar to Search and Filter listings in Category pages

listings toolbar1

Category pages are those directory pages which are displayed when you click on a category to view the listings in it. When fully configured, typically you find listings, a google map and related listings in that page. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 version, we are introducing a new tool bar with which you can search for listings, filter them based on values provided for extra or custom fields, and also sort the displayed listings by various parameters.

listings toolbar1

You can sort by last added, first added, listing title, rating, number of votes, number of incoming hits, and number of outgoing hits in ascending or descending order. You can filter by values provided in extra fields which are drop-down extra field or country types. You can also search for listings with keywords. 

Additionally, you can show or hide the map in that page, show or hide related articles and even show or hide listings on that page. One significant feature will be to display the listings within a given radius of a given location or from the current user location (user refers to the customer viewing the category page). When the customer selects “Current location”, then JV-LinkDirectory will request permission from the customer to know his location via a small popup, and then will calculate the user’s coordinates and address accordingly.

Another prominent feature added to the category pages is the ability to select a listing and display it’s location on the map in the category pages. See image below:

show on map

Another small feature added is the ability to change the number of listings that can be viewed per page from the pagination box at the bottom.