JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Update – Fresh and Re-designed Search Page for JV-LinkDirectory

Search interface in the front-end for directory has been one of the constant subjects of feedback from our customers. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 we decided on work on it, and have come up with a very intuitive, easy to use Search design interface.

With the new design, clicking on the search menu link will open up the new interface which will show all listings in the directory with pagination. To the left you will have Search option followed by category filters and other filters which come up extra fields configured in the directory. Only country and drop-down extra fields will appear as filters though for now. As you click on a value in the filter, the listings will be filtered and those matching the value will be shown to the right. The filters will then accordingly change so that you can do more filtering! The value filtered by will also be highlighted. You can remove the filter too, and the results will automatically change accordingly.

The search menu link will now by default appear in all the pages irrespective of if it is the home page or category page or any other.

This search and filtering design will help your customers drill down your search using search keywords and/or filters from a vast number of listings to exactly what you are looking for, thus improving the usability of your directory!

We are eager to know what you think about this change. Do let us know with your comments. If you are an existing customer of JV-LinkDirectory and want to participate in the beta testing of 5.12 version, then you may please indicate so @ Blog