JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Amazon S3 for storing Files of Listings

JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 alpha is still on, owing to a few extended use case implementations, but here is another update! As you are probably aware you can use JV-LinkDirectory to add files for listings. These files can be any file downloads like brochures, zip files, software, catalogs or anything else that listing owners wish to provide to their users. These are now stored in your own server. In version 5.13, we are introducing an option to store the uploaded files of listings in your Amazon AWS S3 account in buckets and folders!.

We are providing option to choose to store files in your filesystem (local server) or in S3 as a configuration field in Listing Features. If you choose S3, then any new file uploaded by user will be stored in the S3 bucket that you have configured. Similarly when someone downloads the file in frontend, it will be served from S3. This can save you space on your server if you have numerous or large files for download!