JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Amazon SNS and Customer Notifications via SMS

This is possibly the last update on JV-LinkDirectory before we release JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 for beta testing. We are introducing a major cost saving feature for JV-LinkDirectory customers who can now notify themselves and their listing owners when specific events happen, via SMS (Short Message Service) directly on their mobile phones.

A part of this was possible even earlier – viz. the ability to notify themselves by subscribing to Bulk SMS service from Clickatell.com. But now we are adding 2 more features to it in version 5.13:

(1) Use AWS SNS as an alternate option for Clickatell.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a AWS service that is a highly available, durable, secure, and fully managed pub/sub messaging service. AWS SNS offers 100 SMS for free every month and charge as less as $0.00645 per SMS subsequently (in USA). The cost varies with the country to which the SMS needs to be sent. Please refer to SNS pricing page for the latest rates. They are still extremely cheap and we strongly believe that this would be a great cost saver for you.

Amazon SNS

In JV-LinkDirectory 5.13, we are providing SNS as an alternate SMS provider option to send messages to admin (you) and your listing owners. All that is required is the access key with SNS access, and AWS region where you want to operate it. It is extremely simple to setup with no SNS topics to be created. We are handling the complete integration for you.

(2) Notify customers via SMS too when specific events happen in the directory for their listings.

This is a significant feature considering that your customers or listing owners can now subscribe to specific events that happen on their listings in the directory. When those selected events occur, they will be automatically notified via SMS.

Events that they can subscribe via SMS include:

  • Listing is voted.
  • A review for the listing is published.
  • Listing is bookmarked or added to the favorite list by someone.
  • A file associated with the listing is downloaded by someone.

When users add their listing, they will be asked to select the events to subscribe to by email and SMS in the “Notifications” section. For SMS notifications, they also need to provide their mobile number which will be validated via OTP. Once their mobile number is verified they will be able to receive notifications!

Send SMS Notifications

Listings owners will also be able to edit their event subscription preferences and mobile number from the Listing Edit screen. Admin will be able to edit those preferences and mobile number from the back-end!

Hope you like this feature. Do let us know what you think in your comments 🙂