JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Enhancements to Broken Link Checker

JV-LinkDirectory already has a broken link checker in Utilities section which can be run anytime by the administrator to get the list of broken links. It was more of a know-it utility which we have now worked on to bring it to the mainstream by integrating it with the main directory functionality in 5.13 version. Major changes have been made to this function as follows:

Auto Running Utility via Cron:

The cron job that you have already scheduled in your hosting control panel for JV-LinkDirectory will automatically run the broken link checker once in 3 days by default. It will scan all your links and send you a report by email with the error message for all those links that it detects as broken. To get this working, the administrator does not have to do anything more than just setting a couple of configuration options. See image below:

From the configuration, you can decide how frequently this detection needs to run. We are giving you multiple choices here from 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day options to choose from. You can also decide if it should send the report to admin at the end of each run. If you dont want this feature in cron, then you can turn it off in the configuration as well.

Define Success Codes:

Usually 200 is the HTTP code that denotes that a page exists. But sometimes, you may want to allow codes like 301 and 302 too. So we have given you the power to customize based on your needs by allowing you to define the success codes as given in the figure above. Any broken link check that produces a result that does not exist in the chosen success codes will be treated as a broken link!

Front-end and Back-end Notifications:

On top of it, we will also indicate a link to be broken to administrators (only), when they view them in front-end in category pages and detail page. A special warning message will be shown in every link block or detail page indicating it to be broken. The same will also be indicated in back-end in listings section for admin to know.

Notify Admin of Broken Link Visit:

We have added a feature by which, whenever any visitor clicks on a partner link which is broken, then you can configure JV-LinkDirectory to notify you of that visit. The notification email sent to admin will include the listing id and URL, and visitor IP address. This can be useful for admins to know that there is really someone who has attempted to visit a link which is broken, and calls for some immediate action to be taken to improve customer experience.

Show number of Broken links in Dashboard:

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.13, administrators are alerted of broken links in the JV-LinkDirectory dashboard. When there are broken links, then a red colored background will appear in dashboard alerting the admin to take action. It also includes a call for action button which will take the admin to view all broken links in the directory.

Filter and View Broken Links:

We have provided a new filter by which you can filter and show only broken links in listings section in back-end. This will help administrators to see broken links anytime and take action.

Filter Broken Links by HTTP Code:

Every broken link check will have a result which is the HTTP Status code of the check of the link. We will store this code for each link and the admin can view them in listing edit screen – Link Information tab. We also provide a filter by which you can view links by selected HTTP status code for you to take appropriate action. This way it will help you detect and guide you to take the right action on the broken link. If you take an action manually, you can set the value for HTTP status too in listing edit screen!

We have also added a “Update HTTP Status Code” function in backend listings section. Admin can use this anytime to check if one or more links are broken and it will also update the HTTP status code! We provide this typically to update your listing after you take an action by correcting the link.

This enhancement to broken link feature should give more ammunition to you to keep your directory listings clean and error free for your customers.

Looking forward to your comments!