JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Minor, but useful features added!

We are glad to share the next set of updates about JV-LinkDirectory 5.13.

Show listing detail page tabs to selected user groups

Show or Hide tabs in listing detail page:

For now, tabs that display listing information, photos, map, videos, related articles etc… are displayed and there was no way to hide a given tab. In 5.13 version, we are providing the option to individually decide and set the tab to show or hide in front-end. This can be helpful to those who want to show only specific tabs to all visitors.

Show tabs in listing detail page to selected user groups:

In continuation of the previous feature, we are also adding the ability to show selected tabs to selected user groups. This will enable you to select user groups for each tab for whom that tab will be shown. This can help when you want to show Photos or videos or news or a given tab to higher user group levels as an example.

Hide published date and owner info:

In 5.13 version, we are introducing 2 new options in the listing detail page. These are the options for admin to decide if listing published date and owner information is displayed at the top of the detail page in the header or not. This has been one of the most sought after change that was suggested by our customers.

Custom ‘Advertise Here’ image:

When an adspec or advertisement slot is available for advertising in the directory, it will show up the ‘Advertise Here’ image which is the default image that comes with JV-LinkDirectory. In 5.13 version, we are providing you with the option to use your own image instead of the default one!

Option for module pagination:

In 5.12 version, we introduced pagination in the JV-LinkDirectory module when there are more number of links to display. In 5.13 version, we are providing an option for the admin to decide to enable or disable this pagination feature. If disabled, the users will have to click on ‘More’ link to view the links in a separate page which was also the behavior prior to 5.12 version.

Do watch out for more updates on 5.13 version in the coming days! Do let us know what you think with your comments below.