JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Release Announcement!

After 3 weeks of beta testing from beta volunteers, we are super happy to announce the release of JV-LinkDirectory version 5.13 a couple of days back. The download link for this version has been sent to all existing customers via SendOwl, our payments and download partner.

We are celebrating the new version release with a 20% discount which is applicable till the end of this month. You may please contact us for the coupon.

Following are the features and improvements introduced in 5.13 version:

  1. Notify customers via SMS when specific events happen in the directory for their listings.
  2. Use Amazon AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) to notify admin and listing owners via SMS. It is extremely cost effective!
  3. Show case all your listing images at the top of the listing detail page in an image carousel!
  4. Dont want to show a tab in detail page? You can now show or hide tabs in listing detail page!
  5. Dont want to show a tab to specific users? You can now show tabs in listing detail page to selected user groups!
  6. Save money by storing files associated with listings in Amazon S3 buckets.
  7. Massive improvements in detecting, and reporting broken links in the directory:
    1. Show a message in the detail page to admin when they visit a broken link.
    2. Notify Admin of Broken Link Visit by email.
    3. Show number of Broken links in back-end dashboard.
    4. Filter and View Broken Links in back-end listings section.
    5. Detect broken links by scanning all your listings via cron utility that can be set to run as per your desired frequency.
  8. Hide published date and owner info in detail page.
  9. Custom ‘Advertise Here’ image to show when advertisement slots are open for advertising.

Please use our support forums or contact us for reporting any issues or if you need assistance with the new version.