JV-LinkDirectory 5.2.2 Released

new version

new versionToday we released the new 5.2.2 version of JV-LinkDirectory for all our customers. 5.2.2 is a maintenance version release with a few minor enhancements/changes and bug fixes. We request all our customers to upgrade to 5.2.2.

The minor enhancements/changes introduced in this version include:

1. Refactored payment related code.

2. Option to show detailed add link form instead of switching

3. Upgraded Twitter library for posting tweets from JV-LD.

4. In add link form, while showing extra fields mention clearly whether and where the extra field values will be shown to public

5. Show buttons instead of dropdown in modal in add one way link section in backend.

6. Provided an option to trash links without notifying partners

7. Option to add hash tag to tweets in JV-LinkDirectory

8. Show description/file field if only one of them is enabled

9. Show meta keywords as tags in listings.