JV-LinkDirectory 5.2 Released


Wb2ap3_thumbnail_new_version.pnge are excited to announce the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.2.0 today. The objective of this version is to introduce much more stability into JV-LinkDirectory for Joomla 3.x. This is a minor version release of JV-LinkDirectory and has a dozen improvements and enhancements and several bug fixes. This version works only on Joomla 3.x versions.

Following is a short summary of the enhancements introduced in this version:

  • Publish/Unpublish self profiles in back-end – With this change admin can now choose to unpublish self profiles in back-end. Those unpublished will not be available for your site visitors to use for link exchange. 
  • Simple File Upload for images – All places where images are loaded using Joomla media manager have been modified to use the simple Browse button. This will enable all your users/visitors to select images from their system.
  • Simplification of JV-LD 4.x to 5.x migration – The upgrade is now made highly simple for the admin to move JV-LD from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x. This also enables the admin to upgrade to latest version of JV-LD from 4.x version without having to upgrade to 5.0 intermittently. 

  • Customization of Add Link Menu – Admin can now choose to create a menu item for adding link with one/two way link type, category, one way plan and basic/advanced form selection! This is specifically useful if you want to create menu item for example to advanced add link form for 1 way link directly without having to navigate 2 clicks from the directory menu.

  • Captcha redesign – When captcha is enabled JV-LD will henceforth load the captcha defined and chosen in the global configuration. This also fixes the “Serialization of XML file is not allowed” error on PHP 5.3.

  • Charts in JV-LD Dashboard – Charts are shown for the revenue and number of links added to the directory month on month for the last 6 months in JV-LD Dashboard.

  • Import from JV-LinkExchanger – A new utility to import categories and links from JV-LinkExchanger 3.0 (on Joomla 3.x) is now introduced. JV-LinkExchanger 3.0 will be released soon.
  • Menu revamp – A new Drop down menu in sidebar in back-end with all menu items for JV-LD has been introduced.
  • Debug Log Rotation – JV-LD debug logs will now rotate to a new file once every time it becomes 25 MB size for upto 3 files (a total of 75 MB!). This will ensure that you have the logs that are not obstructing the processing of your site.

There are a few other minor enhancements in addition to the above ones which include,

  • New folders in media/com_jvld/images folder are now created, one for each type of upload.
  • New menu items using right click for links in back-end – Manage Videos and Manage Photos.
  • CSS Enhancements based on display issues in detail page in JV-LD on jv-extensions.com

There are several bug fixes added to this release. For the list of bugs fixed please refer to the Change Log section in My Downloads area. We request all our JV-LD 5.x customers to upgrade to this version asap. As always, please take a complete website backup before upgrading.