JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 Dev Plans and Updates

We are happy to let our customers know that the development of JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 version is in full swing, and we are now starting to share with you all, some exciting news about the upcoming features in the coming days. We will post a series of blog posts describing the upcoming features, along with sample screenshots, and how these features can be used and made beneficial to you.

As done for the previous versions, we are inviting volunteers for closed beta testing of JV-LinkDirectory 5.4. Those who are interested may please show their willingness to participate in beta testing by commenting appropriately to this blog post. Beta testing is expected to commence on 22nd February 2015 and will run for a couple of weeks. As usual, only active subscription holders of JV-LD are eligible to participate in the beta testing.

We are also giving away 4 months of free subscription extension to those who participate in the beta testing, raise bugs and provide valuable feedback….