JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 Released – 10% Coupon Inside

new version

new version

We are pleased to announce the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 today to all our customers. It has been a longer than expected beta phase, but we believe we have done due diligence, considering the massive code change that we have done to incorporate new features.

Following are the new features introduced in this version.

New Features:

  1. File/Download manager for Listings
  2. ACL for Categories and Listings
  3. Expansion of one way links criteria
  4. Partner link editable via backend
  5. Thumbalizr integration for thumbnail provider
  6. Alphauserpoints integration
  7. New Modules – Random Thumbnail Previews, Random Photos, Random Videos
  8. JoomFish Compatibility
  9. New thumbnail generation library
  10. User Profiles in JV-LD
  11. Use user profile avatar in modules
  12. Option to delete an approved review for a listing.
  13. YouTube Gallery popup in detail page
  14. Date format changes
  15. Style template file overrides feature
  16. Modification in front-end for add link form processing form
  17. Category specific fields
  18. Module style changes for add link form and search form.
  19. Ability to show or hide label when extra fields are displayed in frontend listing and detail pages
For detailed info on the changes, please refer to JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 Dev Updates in our blog. We would like to thank our customers who helped us with beta testing and valuable feedback. As promised, we will be adding 4 months of free subscription of JV-LD to each one of them in the next couple of days.
JV-LD customers may now download the 5.4 version from “My Account” – “My Downloads” section under JV-LinkDirectory downloads section.
That is not all. To celebrate the JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 release, we are giving away a 10% discount for all new JV-LinkDirectory Yearly Subscription purchases using the coupon  “BUC1N2D3” (without quotes) till April 18th 2015.
 We hope you will enjoy using this version of JV-LinkDirectory.