JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 Beta-2 with more feature updates

2015 11 11 12 59 28

2015 11 11 12 59 28

We are glad to announce the release of 2nd beta of JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 today. The beta introduces powerful EasySocial enhancements for JV-LinkDirectory. Read on to know more about the features introduced with multiple screenshots…

EasySocial Enhancements:

We already have an app for EasySocial which displays member links in EasySocial member profile. This app has been enhanced to show recent links of the user in widget, and show links owned by the user in profile and dashboard.

2015 11 11 12 33 49


Directory Links view in EasySocial:

2015 11 11 12 11 28

And here comes the bonus! In JV-LinkDirectory 5.5, we are adding 2 new apps for enhanced integration, viz.

EasySocial App for Listing Reviews: This application displays listing reviews from JV-LinkDirectory given by the member to other listings in a separate page in EasySocial, with a link to the app in the member’s profile.

2015 11 11 12 27 13

EasySocial App for Favorite Listings: This application displays member’s favorite links from JV-LinkDirectory in their EasySocial profile for others to see. It also provides a widget in sidebar bottom which displays the title of their favorite links.

2015 11 11 12 36 18

Other EasySocial Enhancements:

The links that will be displayed in the pages in EasySocial will be shown with full information as against just one line of the summary. Not only that, when a new link is published, the photo or thumbnail preview associated with it, review and rating associated with a review/rating action will also be displayed in the activity stream in EasySocial.

2015 11 11 12 58 50

Rating and Reviews:

The rating and review has been reworked internally. The rating and review will now be shown together in the detail pages in the “Reviews” tab. The same will also be shown in apps (JomSocial, and EasySocial streams).

2015 11 11 12 59 28


JV-LD 5.5 will have a comprehensive taxation configuration screen in backend (JV-LD Configuration – Core Configuration – Payments Options), which will allow you to define tax rate percentages for countries, including VAT specific rates for EU if you are in one of them. The configured tax rates will be used during the purchase in frontend screens for paid one way listing, category sponsorships, featured listings and advertisements.

2015 11 11 11 25 30

In addition to the new features, there are several bugs that have been fixed. There are also many UI design changes to backend (utilities screen, installation and other screens). The “link” terminology has been renamed to “listing” terminology in language strings in frontend to make the directory more general purpose.

Owing to the cost of creating and maintaining the EasySocial apps with respect to the newer versions of EasySocial software which is again commercial, and to ensure that we provide more features to the EasySocial applications that we have and will develop for JV-LinkDirectory, we are making the EasySocial integration and apps as a paid addon for JV-LinkDirectory. It will cost a one time nominal fee of USD 30 to purchase. Early bird customers will be able to get it for just $20, if you purchase it before November 20th, typically for our beta customers. No coupon code is required. You can purchase it from our Purchase section anytime. Once you purchase you will be able to download EasySocial apps and integration with JV-LinkDirectory from the downloads area.

Hope you enjoy the new features of JV-LinkDirectory 5.5!