JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 Dev Updates – Extra Fields Enhancements

2015 10 27 19 00 33

2015 10 27 19 00 33

Following up on the first set of features in JV-LinkDirectory in the previous blog post, here is the next series of features being introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 version. These include enhancements to Extra fields, and icon image automatic re-sizing.

Extra Fields Enhancements:

Extra fields enhance the power of the directory to collect more information about the listing and showcase it in different pages of the directory like the listing detail page, and listings in category pages. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 version, we have re-architect-ed the extra fields design and code further to make it even more powerful. This redesign directly brings to the table a comprehensive set of 18 different types of ready made extra field types. These are:

Simple TextDateURLCountry
Text area (without HTML)TimeDropdownEmail
EditorAddressCheckboxRSS Feed URL
RadioMeta DescriptionGoogle Plus URLTwitter URL
Facebook URLLinkedIn URL  

As administrators, you will now be able to create extra fields of any of the above given types. Some of the features in Extra fields re-architecture that are notable include:

Hide Field Label:

Hiding a field label enables you to display the value of the extra field for a listing in full width. This can be particularly useful for long description and summary fields.


This was already existent in pre 5.5 versions, but in 5.5 we have introduced the exact match search, which will be critical for field types like country, date and time fields. The search facility in front-end has been redesigned accordingly as well!

Icons for Extra fields:

You can now upload a small image icon for each of your extra fields. The icon can be configured to be shown in front-end and back-end, where ever the extra field appears in site front-end.

Show Icon Alongside Label:

This is a new option for an extra field which will decide if you want to show the icon alongside label in site front-end wherever it appears.

Show Value on Icon:

This is an interesting option for an extra field. Setting this to Yes will enable the value of the field to be shown over the icon of the field. Additionally if the ‘Show label’ option is set to Off, then it will be shown as a hyperlink on the icon of that field. This is useful for rss, email, URL, twitter, Facebook URL fields etc where you would prefer to show the respective icons with a link to the url.

2015 10 27 18 40 50

Other minor features include new button options in Extra fields screen in back-end to “Toggle Show in Listing Page”, “Toggle Show in Detail Page”, “Toggle Required” and “Toggle Searchable” to speed up your operations on extra fields.

Icon Image Automatic Re-sizing:

In addition to the extra fields enhancements, one of the minor features introduced is the automatic re-sizing of icon images. From this version onward, the icon images uploaded by users will be automatically resized to fit your specific icon image dimensions which is configurable in back-end.

Hope you like these new features. Waiting to hear back some feedback!