JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 Dev Update – Advanced JomSocial Integration

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We are back again to share yet another integration with JV-LinkDirectory, this time with JomSocial which we are enhancing to provide better social media benefits for your website. We already have a listing page and detail page integration, member profile integration, rewards etc… for JomSocial with JV-LinkDIrectory. With JV-LinkDirectory 5.6, we are taking this integration to an all new level. Read on to know the renewed set of integration features between JomSocial and JV-LinkDirectory.

JomSocial “My Listings” App

This application for JomSocial would display member listings in his/her JomSocial member profile.

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JomSocial App for Favorite Listings: 

This application displays member’s favorite listings from JV-LinkDirectory in their JomSocial profile for others to see. 

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JomSocial App for Listing Reviews

This JomSocial application displays listing reviews from JV-LinkDirectory given by the member to other listings in the directory. 

js revlistings a54f5

 JomSocial App for Latest Listings:

This JomSocial application displays the latest listings from the directory in user’s JomSocial profile.

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Display Listing Owner’s JomSocial Avatar in Listing pages: 

JomSocial avatar is displayed with a hyperlink to listing owner’s JomSocial profile for each listing. 

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Display Listing Owner’s JomSocial Avatar in Listing Detail pages

Listing owner’s JomSocial avatar is displayed with a hyperlink to listing owner’s JomSocial profile, for each link listing. 

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JomSocial Userpoint Integration with JV-LD and JomSocial Activity Stream Integration with JV-LD

With this integration, you can automatically grant userpoints to JomSocial user, when predefined actions or events occur in JV-LinkDirectory. 

Events that enable points to be granted, and those that can be posted to activity stream include:

  1. New link added by partner is published in directory
  2. New review submitted by partner/visitor has been published in the directory
  3. New website recommendation is given by a visitor/partner
  4. Website is bookmarked by visitor/partner
  5. A link has been rated by visitor/user
  6. A new category has been suggested by visitor/user
  7. A link is liked by visitor/user
  8. A broken link has been reported by visitor/user
  9. A new profile has been added to a link by it’s owner
  10. A new photo has been added to a link by it’s owner
  11. A new video has been added to a link by it’s owner
  12. A new file has been added to a link by it’s owner
  13. A category has been sponsored by a visitor/user
  14. An existing link has been added to Featured listing
  15. A listing owner has indicated that he is accepting link exchange invitations.

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While some of the above integrations like member avatar display in listing and detail pages already exists, we have enhanced the implementation, and have also added 4 new applications (which you can place at sidebar or maincontent areas in JomSocial) which come in a bundle along with the basic integration. And not just that…. the listings displayed in the applications in JomSocial will be full blown listings like how you see in the directory unlike a single line of title as before. We do have plans to introduce new features to this integration in the future!

After JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 release, the bundle will cost a one time fee of US $40, and will not need any renewals in the future. You can download the upgrades, and get support as far as you have a valid and active subscription of JV-LinkDirectory. We have to impose this fee as we need to cover the expenses in renewing the expensive JomSocial subscription and also keep further development on for JomSocial – JV-LinkDirectory integration.

We hope you like this renewed integration. Waiting to hear from you…