JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 Dev Update – Exciting New Features

today listing1 c9be7

today listing1 c9be7

I would like to share with you some more exciting new features and changes that will come out in JV-LinkDirectory 5.6. Significant ones include Today’s Links, Ability to restrict adding listings to top level categories, Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatibility, Integration with JLex Review, webmaster and listing owner notification for offline payment and enhancement of the reject listing functionality. Read on to know more about each of these features.

Add Listings to Top Level Categories:

With this version, you can now allow or deny listings to be added to top or first level categories. Top level categories are special in a way that visitors spend lesser time navigating to see the listings in them. For the same reason, it also provides better search engine visibility. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.6, “ability to include listing to Top level categories” has been added as a criteria or parameter in the listing plan. This way you can decide the listing plans which will allow or deny addition to top level categories. Typically you can allow this in paid plans and deny in free plans to make full use of it. If a visitor has chosen a listing plan that does not allow adding to top level categories, he will not be allowed to choose a top level category for his listing while adding the listing.

listingplan toplevelcat 4f0f2


Integration with JLex Review for Comments:

This is a significant new feature added to JV-LinkDirectory 5.6, thanks to Steve Jobs for his recommendation and help. This is a Comment integration, and with this, you can now use JLex Review with JV-LinkDirectory to provide comments in the directory detail pages. The integration is free and very simple to use. We have also enhanced our latest comments module to fetch latest comments from JLex Review and show them in JV-LinkDirectory module.

jlex comment2 deb83


jlexcomment1 94cb3

Today’s Links:

We are adding a new type of listing display in modules, RSS Feeds in directory home page and in menu where by you can now show listings added today. This will be the 25th module that is offered by JV-LinkDirectory!

today listing2 bbe77 

Webmaster and listing owner notification for offline payment:

We are enhancing the offline payment design in such a fashion that whenever there is a visitor who has opted for offline payment, JV-LinkDirectory will notify the administrator about the event with visitor name and email address for the site admin to follow up if needed subsequently. Additionally, the visitor will also be sent an email with the payment instructions.

Enhancement of the reject listing functionality:

Today at backend, when the admin rejects a listing inclusion request, the admin provides the reason and changes the status to Trashed. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.6, we are introducing a facility to save the reason and also use it from a dropdown list, during subsequent listing rejections. As the site admin, you can also manage all the given reasons from a separate interface – publish, unpublish or delete them too!

trashlisting fe05b

Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatibility:

JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 will be compatible with Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 too!. You can now upgrade to this version and experience a faster loading of your site backed up by great improvements brought in by PHP 7.

Minor Changes in Frontend: 

  • WIth JV-LinkDirectory 5.6, we have provided a new option where you can decide the display order of reviews in the site frontend for listings. You can choose between ascending order of review publish date vs descending order.
  • Additionally in frontend, if a category does not have any listings, then the listing tab and message will not be shown anymore. 

I hope you like the new features. JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 will be released this week. There is not going to be a beta release this time. So watch out for our next blog post for the announcement of the release version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.6.