JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 Beta 2 Released

Today we have released Beta-2 of JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 version. Thanks to the awesome beta group of customers who have been reporting issues and providing suggestions on the beta-1 software at our beta forum. We have been able to address many of the beta-1 issues in beta-2 version. We also managed to add a couple of features or changes in beta-2 as well. 

We have redesigned the Like button in beta-2, again thanks to christof@ who suggested a make over of the button to improve usability. Additionally, we have also completely refactored the language files to include them in their respective installation folders than globally under Joomla administrator/language and language folders. In that process we have reduced the number of translation strings by 20% in the frontend component language file for English. The backend will continue to remain heavy, and we intend to keep it this way so that there is more inline help available for administrators rather than referring to the online documentation for every little detail which is time consuming. We strongly recommend to the community that translation be done for all frontend language files of JV-LinkDIrectory, and translate backend only if it is absolutely necessary.

Need help: We are also evaluating options for JV-LinkDirectory language files to be available at Transifex (which is expensive at the first sight of it) or use online machine translations via Google or Microsoft. We are looking for some suggestions around this from our non-English speaking customers to help us take a call on it. Do let us know your opinion in your comments and help us create a model for translations.

With no major issues reported yet, we are confident that we are on our path ahead as planned for July 16th deadline to provide the Golden Master or official release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.7. We hope to make our call on translations by then.