JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 Beta Announcement

beta version

beta version

We are glad to announce the availability of JV-LinkDirectory 5.7.Beta.1 at jv-extensions.com. As usual this will be a closed beta testing, and we are calling for users to participate in beta testing and help us in improving the product for you. 

What are the major changes in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7?

Who can participate in beta testing?

Anyone who has a valid subscription of JV-LinkDirectory can participate in beta testing. If you are not a customer of JV-LinkDirectory already, then you need to purchase Personal or Business or Enterprise edition of JV-LinkDirectory first, before enrolling in our beta program.

How to apply for beta testing?

Customers who are interested in beta testing may please volunteer by indicating their interest in the comments section of this blog post. We will then add you to the beta group and acknowledge the same in our reply to the comment. You can then visit the My Account – My Downloads section – JV-LinkDirectory section to download the beta version and start reporting issues and feedback.

Where to report issues during beta testing?

We request beta testers to report issues in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 Beta Forum. You can access this forum from the link in the home page at jv-extensions.com or visit Support – Community Forum, and then click on Categories to view the forum link.

How long is the beta testing planned?

Beta testing is planned for a couple of weeks from July 1st to July 15th. 

Are Beta testers rewarded for helping out?

Ofcourse Yes. As before, beta testers who file bugs and provide feedback will get a free 3 month extension of their existing JV-LD purchase.