JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 – Improved Comment/Review System for Joomla Directory

2016 06 11 17 28 55 c9861

2016 06 11 17 28 55 c9861

We are glad to announce the first of the series of changes that are introducing in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 which will be released soon. As you might be already aware, JV-LinkDirectory integrates with a handful of third party commenting or review extensions like JLex Review, CComment, Komento, Facebook comments, and Disqus comments for users to provide comments or reviews on listings in the directory. Additionally, it has a built in commenting system which is very basic in nature. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.7, we are enhancing this built in system in several ways. Read on to know more about the changes coming up in the built in system.

Merging Review and Comment Features: Review and commenting features in JV-LinkDirectory will be merged into one. You will have the option to create language overrides with which you can use the word “Review” or “Comment” as you wish. 

Ajax Invokation: When the listing detail page loads, it will use ajax to dynamically load all comments in the comments or reviews section. You will have the option to load all comments or load a specific number of comments followed by a “Load More Comments” button, whicih when clicked will load additional n number of comments which is again configurable.

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Adding Comment or Review: Adding comment or review will be super easy. When you click on the “Write New Comment” in listing detail page, the new comment form will open in the same page with a much better layout than before. You will have the option to rate the listing in this form as well. The comment addition will be handled using ajax and the comments section automatically refreshes to load the latest comments again! The Comments heading will also show the number of comments in that listing.

New Comment: We are introducing a xhtml editor where you can write your comments. With this editor, you can include basic html including embedding Youtube videos, and images. See image below for details.

2016 06 11 17 28 19 c87fc

Commenting and Rating: Rating and commenting can be done together or you can only choose to rate the listing. Rating has also been made ajax based using a popup. See image below for illustration. Each comment can have a rating, and the overall rating for the listing will be calculated based on the individual ratings.

2016 06 11 18 14 57 eab23

Data Display Standardization: We are bringing a major change where by the same rating for a listing will show in category pages as well as in modules and detail pages. For example, if you are using Komento, and have 3 comments and a rating of 4.5 for a listing, then the value of 3 comments will be shown in the category page for that listing, and rating of 4.5 will be shown wherever the listing appears. See image below.

2016 06 11 18 20 59 3e70d

Latest Comments Module: The latest comments module will now show the individual rating given for the comment along with the comment. See image below.

2016 06 11 18 16 46 028b8

Hope you like the new built in commeting system coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7. Do let us know what you think with your comments!