JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 – Related Articles from Cobalt and Related Listings in K2, Joomla, and EasyBlog

rellistings adfe6

rellistings adfe6

I am back to announce 2 new features that we are adding to JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 version in this blog post. These are “Related Articles from Cobalt” and “Related Listings in K2, Joomla Articles and EasyBlog”. These two features are intended to increase the association of articles in K2 items, Joomla articles and EasyBlog posts with listings in your directory.

Related Listings in K2, Joomla Articles and EasyBlog:

This is a very interesting feature. We are creating a new plugin in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 which will be triggered when you view articles in K2 or EasyBlog or Joomla core content. Upon trigerring it will scan listings in your directory for relations based on keywords and will show the resulting listings in the article.This will be a great way to associate listings in your directory with your mainstream content. The listing title, last updated date, owner, rating and category will be shown for each related listing. You can also configure the listing to show the first photo of the listing or a thumbnail preview. See figure above for illustration.

Related Articles from Cobalt:

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As you are already aware, JV-LinkDirectory can show related articles from Joomla articles, K2 and EasyBlog in listing detail pages and category pages. These articles exist in Joomla articles, K2 or  EasyBlog, and are related to the displayed listing or category based on meta keywords. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.7, we are introducing this compatibility with Cobalt records. We provide options for you to select Cobalt sections to search for, and content types to consider for the related articles scan. The results from the scan will be records from Cobalt and these will be shown in directory category and listing detail pages. See figure above for an illustration.

Hope you like the new features.