JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 – Style ReFactoring and Other Minor Features

default style videos 6e99e

default style videos 6e99e

Here is some more news about JV-LinkDirectory 5.7. We are doing a major revamp of the frontend styles code for all our styles including their layouts. We are deprecating the legacy style as we do not have many users adopting it for their directories. Our focus has been to refactor the default, defaultbs3, modern and modernbs3 styles in 5.7. Read on to know more.

Style Changes:

Fully Responsive: Styles are now completely responsive. Styles using the boostrap 3 version (defaultbs3 and modernbs3) now use the bootstrap filters to show or hide appropriate elements on mobile, tablet and desktop displays

Custom Names: The default and defaultbs3 styles as usual use the tabs in listing detail pages, but in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7, you can give them custom names for each tab as you wish, from style parameters configuration. Modern and modernbs3 use a sequential vertical flow design and with JV-LinkDirectory 5.7, you can define the names of the respective sections in the vertical flow display. For example, you can call the Map section as “Location” or “Map” or anything that you want to, and the chosen name will appear in the frontend.

Custom Ordering:  Similar to custom names, you can also decide the order of the tabs in default and defaultbs3 styles, and the sequential order of sections in modern and modernbs3 styles. For example, if Videos is the most important section for you in the listing detail page, then you can order it to appear at the top or as the first tab.

Count Display: Photos, Videos and Files tabs or section headings will now have count of that entity displayed. For example, if there are 5 photos, then the Photos tab will display as “Photos (5)”

Other Changes:

In addition to the major changes done to styles, we are also bringing in several minor but important handy options as follows. Many of the minor changes are a result of feedback from our JV-LinkDirectory users. We would like to thank our users for their feedback and we are glad that we are able to incorporate them into the mainstream code.

  • New option to open related articles in same or new window in detail and listings pages.
  • New option to enable or disable range and closest sections in listing and detail pages for maps.
  • When a link is set to be open in new window, then a new window image can be shown based on configuration.
  • Better Microdata integration for detail pages.
  • Link Updated Date is now stored in table whenever a link or it’s profile or photo or video or file is added or edited. The link updated date is now shown instead of the link publish date in detail page.
  • New option to sort related articles randomly or by published date, and display them in listing and detail pages.
  • Use the same color for tags in listing and detail pages.

There are many other bug fixes and minor changes that will come in JV-LinkDirectory 5.7. Following are some screenshots of the revamped styles:

Screenshots of Default and Defaultbs3 styles:


Screenshots of Modern and Modernbs3 styles:


Hope you like the changes being introduced. We will update you with more features in the next blog post very soon…..