JV-LinkDirectory 5.8 Release Announcement with 20% Coupon!

JV-LinkDirectory 5.8

JV-LinkDirectory 5.8

We are glad to announce the release of version 5.8 of JV-LinkDirectory, the most powerful and comprehensive Joomla Directory extension to all our customers. JV-LinkDirectory 5.8 is a major release and has numerous new features, changes and bug fixes in it. Major features in this release are:

  • Improvements to Tags Management – Create, Edit and Delete tags options in backend
  • Custom sizes and other parameter integrations with JV-LinkDirectory for JV-ShrinkTheWeb
  • HTML and XML sitemap generation using OSMap for JV-LinkDirectory Categories and Listings
  • Build a Joomla Downloads Directory using the advanced access level permissions for files for listings
    • New “access” level field introduced for Files
    • Default access for files that will be added via frontend can be set in backend
    • Files that are viewable to user will only be shown in listing
    • Files that are viewable to user will only be shown in popular files and latest files modules
    • Button provided in backend to reset the access to a new value for all files in all listings
    • Access level now shown in backend in files listing
    • Deprecated the Alexa stats graphs. Introduced 4 new graphs using AWIS via Alexa API for TrafficHistory.
  • Changes in icons in styles to use fontawesome.css
  • Ability to change primary and secondary categories of a listing via frontend edit listing screen
  • Improved caching of home page, category pages and detail pages when conservative caching is on.
  • Show related articles from different components one after the other in detail page if all is chosen
  • Changed backend template style
  • Option to set dimensions for category image for thumbnail
  • New utility to generate category thumbnail images
  • Select from multiple actions on listings when a user is deleted in Joomla
  • New menu item type to show user’s favorite listings
  • Highlight the install sample data and jumpstart config options in post installation screen prominently for new users to get started quickly.
  • Show number of related posts in brackets in the title of the tab
  • Option to open links in new window in community actions and activities plugins

Please read the Release notes for the complete set of fixes and changes. For detailed information on the new features, please visit our blog post on JV-LinkDirectory 5.8 Beta Announcement.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our beta testers who provided feedback in the last three weeks, and helped us improve the product. 5.8 version is now available for download to all customers who have an active subscription of JV-LinkDirectory.

To celebrate this release, we are providing a 20% discount to all who wish to make a new purchase of JV-LinkDirectory Enterprise Edition, or upgrade their existing subscription to Enterprise edition. Please use the “CELEBRATE58” coupon code (valid till October 14th) during checkout.