JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 and New Software Downloads Style for JV-LinkDirectory!

We are super excited to make 2 announcements today to Joomla community.  First is the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 version which is a maintenance and bug fix release for JV-LinkDirectory. The second and even exciting news is the launch of “Software” downloads style for JV-LinkDirectory. Please read on to know more… 

Software Style

Software style is a new style for JV-LinkDirectory which will enable you to use JV-LinkDirectory as a software or document downloads directory in Joomla. This provides functionality similar to Akeeba Release System or any other downloads directory. With software style you get the following functionality: 

  1. The rendering of the information for listings and categories have been styled specifically to meet the downloads directory concept.
  2. Users can upload documents or software which can be versioned with numbers.
  3. You can create custom fields like required pre-requisite software versions, and change log which can be shown in a exclusive tab or just below the description in detail page.
  4. The listings in the category pages will have file specific meta data like file size, number of downloads.

Software style requires JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 or a higher version. We use this style!. Yes, we use Software style on JV-Linkdirectory to serve our products to you at jv-extensions.com

Following are some screenshots of Software style.

{gallery}Software Style{/gallery}

Discount Coupon:

Software style cost a one time fee of USD 20, and does not need any renewal. For a limited time period (till April 30th), we are giving away 30% discount coupon for purchasing Software style for just USD 14 !!!. Please use the following coupon code during checkout to avail this offer:

Coupon: W2LFYUYU

If your existing purchase of JV-LinkDirectory has expired, then please renew it before purchasing Software style.

JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 Release

We have also JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 today. This is a maintenance and bug fix version, but we have also enhanced the traffic history funcationality by caching the result data from Amazon Web Information Service for 3 days instead of everyday to reduce the cost incurred.

Existing customers can now download JV-LinkDirectory 5.9.3 from My Account – My Downloads section.