JV-PostMaster 2.5 Released

Right after the release of JV-Relatives 4.5.1 comes the next version release of JV-PostMaster, the premium social networking publishing and display suite for Joomla!. Today we have released version 2.5 of JV-PostMaster with some exciting enhancements and bug fixes. Some of the significant features or enhancements introduced in this version include:

Delayed Posting – Usually when you save an article JV-PM will queue and post the message to Facebook/Twitter accounts instantly. Sometimes it is possible that after saving the article, the author realizes that he wants to change some text in the article. But in this case, the edits made will not be visible in the Facebook/Twitter posts or you will have to double post, which is certainly not desirable.

In version 2.5, we have introduced a new concept called “Delayed Posting”. With delayed posting the admin can set a predefined duration in minutes in JV-PM back-end in configuration interface. Whenever an author saves an article it will be queued like before, but will not be posted. JV-PM will wait for the duration set in delayed posting and will then post it to Facebook/Twitter. During this time, the author can make multiple edits to the article even though it is queued. Finally when JV-PM posts the update, it will fetch the latest version of the article and post it to facebook/twitter!

Admin Notification on Post Errors:

When articles are saved in Joomla, the JV-PM’s ingestion plugins queue the message to a global queue. Later when the publisher plugin runs, it picks messages from the global queue and posts them to provider accounts. Thus the entire process is asynchronous and hence errors encountered during posting cannot be displayed on the screen after the article save. Currently the only 2 ways of finding if the posting was successful are verifying the Facebook/Twitter pages or by reviewing the Job Status screen in JV-PM.

In version 2.5, we have introduced “Admin Notification on Post Errors” using JV-PM’s notification task. You may set the frequency of runs of this task in JV-PM configuration interface. The task will run as per the settings and will fire emails to the administrator (email configured in JV-PM configuration) of the website with list of all posting errors with error info.

Twitter and Facebook Modules Redesigned:

We have redesigned the Twitter and Facebook modules that display the tweets and posts. Significant changes include:

  • The look and feel of the module output is very similar to the display that you see in Facebook and Twitter
  • You may now set caching duration on individual module basis
  • We have added display of number of likes, number of comments and ability to like and comment on posts in the Facebook module
  • Instead of providing the ID of the account in module, we have now populated the account info in the dropdown so that it is easier for you to select the source


Hope you like the new features introduced in JV-PM 2.5. For complete listing of change log, please visit the downloads area of JV-PostMaster.

Comments are welcome 🙂