JV-PostMaster 3.4 – Auto post JV-LinkDirectory Listings to Social Media, and Tumblr Module!

joomla module for tumblr cdf12

We are super happy to announce the release of JV-PostMaster 3.4 today. JV-PostMaster is a social media posting extension suite for Joomla, that can post Joomla article content to social media networks like Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, JomSocial, and EasySocial automatically on article save. JV-PostMaster 3.4 version has several bug fixes, and 2 major features.

Auto Post JV-LinkDirectory Listings to Social Media:

One of major features of the release is the integration with JV-LinkDirectory. JV-LinkDirectory is a Joomla directory extension with which you can create a personal or business directory in Joomla and also exchange links with other websites. When you publish a new listing in Joomla directory powered by JV-LinkDirectory, you can now post JV-LinkDirectory the new listing information like Listing title, description, category, tags, listing owner, icon image, and even thumbnail preview image to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, EasySocial, JomSocial and LinkedIn. You can also select a listing and post them manually via JV-PostMaster backend. See images below for illustration:

{gallery}JV-PostMaster 3.4 Blog{/gallery}

Joomla Module for Tumblr Posts:

Yet another feature is the new module that we have introduced for Tumblr. You can now show posts from your Tumblr account in a Joomla module. See image below:

joomla module for tumblr cdf12

If you are not already aware, we have now merged our individual JV-PostMaster products into one. You dont need to purchase JV-PostMaster separately for Joomla articles, or K2 or EasyBlog or JV-LinkDirectory. You purchase JV-PostMaster and you get all of them in a single pack by default. Purchase JV-PostMaster now for just $25 and get all the awesome features and integration with latest version of Joomla, K2, EasyBlog and JV-LinkDirectory.