JV-PostMaster 3.7.1 Released

As you are probably aware there have been lots of changes to Facebook api behaviors and they have also forced an review procedure for all apps. JV-PostMaster 3.7.1 comes with changes to handle them and make it compatible with the new policies. We have also added a new knowledge base article on process to be followed for reviewing app.

Due to Facebook restrictions you will no longer be able to post to your profile from apps including JV-PostMaster. There are still open issues with Facebook like posting to Groups. There is not much clarity too from Facebook on many things and ETA for fixing them. If you need help please write to us and we will try to guide you as much as we can.


We have already initiated sending you the download link for JV-PostMaster 3.7.1. Those who have active purchases should have received the email already from our partner SendOwl. Alternatively you can visit the Downloads page, and follow the instructions to download the latest version.