JV-PostMaster Dev Update – Enhanced Interfaces in Backend

We are currently in the alpha testing of JV-PostMaster 2.4 version and we are coming up with lots of major changes to the software. We will be writing a series of blog posts covering these changes for the benefit of our customers. This is the first of these posts in which we will show you the usability and interface changes.

A single view of all provider accounts – This will provide you with a single window of management of all provider accounts that you have added. You will also be add new provider account using this interface in a faster and easier manner.


Enhanced Queue Manager Interface – The queue interface is used to look up the items pending publishing or posting in the queue. This interface has been enhanced in 2 ways:


  • A new option to post or publish has been added to this interface. You will now be able to select specific messages from queue and post or publish them to its provider account.
  • The “To Post On” column will now display the amount of time remaining for that item in the queue to be posted!. This can handy when you want to know approximately after what time, the item will be posted.



Category Selection Per Provider Account and Enhanced Configuration Screens – Unlike earlier, with JV-PM 2.4 version, you will now be able to select one or more categories for each of the provider accounts for each resource. This means that, you can select your desired categories whose articles will be posted to specific Twitter account and select another set of categories whose articles will be posted to a different Twitter or Facebook or any other provider account



Hope you like these changes that are coming up. More to report in the next blog post!

We are waiting for your comments now!