JV-Relatives 4.5 Released

We are happy to announce the release of stable version 4.5 of JV-Relatives today. version 4.5 is a minor enhancement and bug fix release of JV-Relatives. We request our customers to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Some of the notable changes introduced are:

Sort Related Articles by Relevance in Descending Order:

This is a new option if selected will sort the results of related articles by closest match. We use a custom algorithm to find the match between keywords and display them as related articles. Choosing this option adds CPU processing and hence is encouraged to be used if you have up to a few hundreds of articles only

Managing Debug Output:

In this version we have introduced a debug file to which all debug messages will be logged into. The debug file is created in {Joomla}/components/com_jvrelatives/temp folder and cannot be directly accessed via the browser. You may view the debug file output and also delete the debug file from “View Debug Log” screen in JV-Relatives Dashboard

Search In My Category:

This is a new option that lets you search for related articles from with in the same category as the displayed article is. This is useful when you have lots of articles in every category and want the related articles search to be confined to those articles which are in the same category as the displayed article.

Search Links for Tags:

Earlier we used to hyper link the tags displayed by JV-Relatives to the default Joomla search facility. In this version we have made it more usable by linking the tag to it’s respective component search facility. For example if you are using JV-Relatives with K2, then the link on the tags in K2 item will link to K2 tag search facility. Same is the case with EasyBlog as well – Link to EasyBlog Tag Search

For list of bugs fixed in this version please visit the Downloads area and read the Release Notes.

Translations Repository:

We have created a new translations repository @ https://www.jv-extensions.com/repository/jv-relatives-language-translations where you will find English and other language translations for JV-Relatives as they are available.

We have also updated our documentation for JV-Relatives @ https://www.jv-extensions.com/documentation/jv-relatives