JV-Relatives 5.4 Released with End of Page Slide Out Box

We are extremely happy and proud to announce the release of JV-Relatives 5.4 today to all our customers. There are significant changes introduced in this version. The most important of them is the introduction of a “End of Page Slide Out Box” feature. Click on the play button above to see a very short video of the feature in action.

End of Page Slide Out Box:

With this feature, the visitor will be shown a sliding box at the bottom right hand side of the screen. This box will contain the related articles list, and will come up only when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. You can also show article tags and social media buttons in this box! You can also decide to show the plugin/module output and the slide out box, or just one of them only.

Other features/changes introduced in this version include:

Multiple Styles for Frontend:

We are introducing the concept of styles in JV-Relatives 5.4, and we are providing 3 styles as a part of the installation. These are:

  • default style – This is a responsive style and can be used if your Joomla template uses Twitter bootstrap 2.3.2, which is the default Joomla choice.
  • defaultbs3 style – This is a responsive style and can be used if your Joomla template uses Twitter bootstrap 3.x.
  • legacy style – This is a non-responsive style.

You may create new styles from these styles and customize the output as you need. As the administrator, you can now select which style you want to use from the backend component configuration.


You can now style the existing JV-Relatives styles with a custom.css that will not be overridden during upgrades. This is a very powerful feature and eliminates the need to reapply css changes every time your upgrade.

More options in plugins/modules:

We have moved the following configuration options from component to plugin and modules. This means that you can now set values for them in plugin and module separately. This will provide you with producing outputs which are different for different components, like EasyBlog, K2, Cobalt and Joomla. The options moved are:

  • Number of columns to show related articles
  • Number of articles to show
  • Alignment of thumbnails – left/center
  • Thumbnail width
  • Thumbnail height

Smart Search Linking:

Today, the hyperlink on tags default to com_search links for K2 and Joomla core articles. In JV-Relatives 5.4, we are introducing an option for linking to Joomla Smart Search (com_finder).

JV-Relatives has been a flagship product for us and we are glad to keep adding more value with these features. JV-Relatives brings in powerful style and admin customization abilities, and a brand new slide out box feature that your end users cannot ignore, as they read articles. We sincerely hope you like the new version.